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Interactive Jaspa’s Journey Project


Whenever Rich does an Author Appearance, people are always interested in how he went about writing Jaspa’s Journey and what was involved in getting The Great Migration published.

So, with the help of Tyler Schaefer (a Grade 6/7 teacher at Listowel Central Public School, Ontario), Rich came up with a project to give school classes and other groups a firsthand idea of what it’s like to write and publish a book.

Based on his own experiences, Rich divided the writing and publishing process into six stages: writing, revision, submission, editing, publication and promotion. The project uses these themes to lead children through the process, beginning with them writing their own spin-off stories based on the ideas of Jaspa’s Journey.

Although originally designed for the classroom, this project could just as easily be done by, for example, cub scout packs or other groups outside school.

To get a digital copy of Rich's Interactive Jaspa’s Journey Project drop me an email at Jaspa@Jaspa's Journey.com.

In the meantime, click the link below for a downloadable PDF describing Rich’s experiences writing and publishing The Great Migration the first time around.


When Tyler tried out the project on his own Grade 6/7 class, Rich agreed to help with the judging and editing phases. As a special prize, we decided to ‘publish’ the winning tale, Canis Lupus and the Dark North by Toni White, right here on my webpage. Click on Toni’s photo to read her marvellous story.


If you’d like Rich to get involved in your own Interactive Jaspa’s Journey Project, send me an e-mail and I’ll pass it on to him!





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