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Gravee's Glossary


Gravee (pronounced Gravy) is one of my best friends. He’s Scottish, and has an accent some people find a little difficult to understand at first.

To help the non-Scottish, click the link below for a PDF file containing some of Gravee’s more unusual words and pronunciations. I promise to keep it up-to-date it as more Jaspa’s Journey books are published.


And one final piece of advice... If you’re still having trouble understanding Gravee, try reading what he says out loud. No honestly, try it... It really does help!


Maps from The Great Migration


The Serengeti (overview)


The Serengeti (detail)


Maps from The Pride of London


The Path of Keys


Maps from Jaspa's Waterloo


Jaspa's Route


The Battle of Waterloo

June 18th, 1815




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