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Jaspa’s Journey: The Great Migration


Award Winning Finalist in

USA Book News’ National Best Books 2009 Awards


“A good read for all ages, both fun and educational.” – Kitchener Record

I really enjoyed reading it. This book is filled with laughter, adventure, twists and turns. Rich Meyrick, writes in a way that is ... appealing to readers. It is ... one great read. If you are looking for a book that is educational and adventurous at the same time, I definitely recommend it.” – Chauntelle @ StoryTimeBooks.wordpress.com

“The debut novel from British born author Rich Meyrick, is a fun and lively novel that teaches while it entertains. Meyrick has managed to pack an encyclopedia’s worth of knowledge into a novel of appropriate length for younger readers. Overall, a fun, creative book that would do well in a classroom to enhance learning about Africa and the Serengeti.” -  Hylary @ LibraryLadyHylary.blogspot.ca

Jaspa’s Journey had our class wanting to read everyday and learn more about the Serengeti. We fell in love with Jaspa.” – Tyler, Grade 6/7 Teacher

“This is a fantastic first novel by Mr Meyrick and I cannot recommend it highly enough... if the adventure, wonder and innocence of the early Harry Potter novels appeals then this book is for you!” – K Leaning (Amazon review)


Jaspa’s Journey 2: The Pride of London


“I really enjoyed reading The Pride of London. I found it absorbing to follow [Jaspa's] group through the adventures and riddles of his London quest. The writing is fresh... enriched with telling detail and a sense of atmosphere, that transports you to another city.” – Amy Black, Random House

“I believe that it is even better than the first book. This book is a great read not only for children but I am enjoying it quite a lot and I am a senior.” – Dr Robert (Amazon review)

The Pride of London is a lot of fun. London is so vivid. I wish I was there again. There is also much to learn from this story about bravery and friendship. I loved it. Can't wait for the next journey!” – Carolyn (Smashwords review)

“It is so much fun to read about the many adventures of Jaspa and his friends. The Great Migration is a wonderful "coming of age" story that will appeal to all ages and the Pride of London is a great tour of a fantastic city and I love the Catses. I am looking forward to more adventures and meeting more Ses, and touring our wonderful planet with Jaspa and Bisckits.” – Lori (Smashwords review)

“What a fantastic follow-up to one of my favourite books ever. I love the new characters, I just wish all of them could be in all the books – they are all so well developed, it’s hard to leave them behind. The riddles that Ernest must solve to advance on ‘The Path’ are so clever and well thought out, I felt challenged to try to solve them before the Ses figured them out. The descriptions of the sights and sounds of London are brilliant.” – Daisy (Goodreads review)

“A very fun read. I recommend it!” – Lisa (Goodreads review)


Jaspa's Journey 3: Jaspa's Waterloo



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