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After an immense 2016, this year go off to a gentle start with a relatively relaxed trip to the UK in January. The main purpose of the visit was to help celebrate the 18th birthday of Rich and Sue’s nephew, Charlie. But we also got to visit other friends and family in all corners of England. We even got to see Chester Zoo’s baby giraffe, Murchison.

Things really ramped up in April, with what will probably be my biggest trip of the year. Starting in Barcelona, with a side trip to Montserrat and Carcassonne, we hopped aboard a cruise ship bound for Venice. Click here so see the whole itinerary. As I’ve said before, Venice is my favourite city of all time, so I was particularly excited about that!!

In May I attended my third Indy 500, made all the more exciting by the participation of Formula 1 driver, Fernando Alonso. In June I got to northern Ontario, tied-in with Rich’s first ever book signing in Sudbury. And in July I spent America’s Birthday in Connecticut, followed by a couple of days in Cape Cod and Plymouth, Massachusetts.

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I’m eagerly planning trips to northern and Ontario and New England for later this month.

In the meantime, Rich is busy doing book signings most weekends, which at least gives him something useful to do!

Seriously though, he loves meeting new people and introducing them to Jaspa’s Journey. Even better is when existing fans (like Kaelyn and Isabella – pictured above and on my homepage) stop by to say ‘Hi’, or pick up a copy of The Pride of London.

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In late August, I’m driving down to South Carolina to see my first solar eclipse (VERY excited about that!) .

A couple of weeks later, I’ll be introducing southern Ontario and Quebec to friends from the UK. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Quebec City for the first time.

Of my 2017 trips yet to come, the biggest and final one kicks off at the very end of November, when a whole bunch of friends and family are congregating in Ireland to celebrate Sue’s birthday!

In between, I’ll be jetting all over Ontario with Rich, doing more book signings, of course!

And my plans for next year have already begun. For example, we’re heading back to Alaska in the autumn of 2018. 



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